This work is a tribute to all the Shipibas women who day by day struggle to take their families forward. As expert designers of the well-known Shipibo designs … Those drawings and sacred energy design have a deep meaning has a mystical language. Born to handle tremendous jobs, they are the grannies who are the guardian of this creative machinery of all this ancient Shipibos culture.

The Shipiba Shaman are recognize as expert healers in shamanic art. I had the chance to be part of their rites and songs in the Temple of Lights around Iquitos.

3 Shipibas grannies cleaned me with Ayahuasca medicine to carry out a task for me of spreading my Ayahuasca seeds through my visionary art skills in the hearts of the people … it is a mission that I have been choosen for and for that all doors would be open to me for this to happened … which is happening.

This painting shows the majestic Ayahuasca vines and the Chacruna as well as other medicinal trees such as the Ayahuma (couropita guianensis)

Thank you madre Ayahuasca !

All reproduction are printed on high quality canvas and will be sent by the artist himself from Lima, worldwide shipping cost are included inside the price.