This painting was created for my friend Ramon. This is a dual experience between me and Ramon…It was like a compromise from his vision and myne a kind of mix of the visions after all it ended to be a master piece. Iniciacion shamanica is inspired from the processing  of becoming a student healere before to learn or to have skills, as a student first then as teacher, one need to learn all the process inside this spiritual path that is more difficult and stricted…The medicine give you some strict rules that we need to respect so much and we need per exemple avoid all kind of poisons that can interfere such like sugar, alcohol, spices and sex… quite curious..but it is what it is. The shaman is really important in this process….he is our guide ..our portal, our protector, our teacher and our confident…and the medicine as well is crucial. This experience is just to conect with all spirituals entities like the Sachamama , golden cities, alliens people and the anaconda, wich is one of the ayahuasca vibrations representation.

All reproduction are printed on high quality canvas and will be sent by the artist himself from Lima, worldwide shipping cost are included inside the price.