Amazing dual experience between me and Tom…I did this painting for him, he is such a divine guy, also who is connected with the medicine in Brazil. The amazing Anaconda crossing the vision is just part of his experience with his own fear and traumas…quite a challenging and scarie story it was, make us reminding that we are afraid to face our own realities. And it’s also a way he get in touch with the medicine to heal his body and mind. Magic serpent is quite connected with other portals and bring some spirits from different parts of the universe. In the center you will see me as a shaman with other guys in some difficult situations. If you don’t have control of your emotions it is easily easy to run away and cry from those situations. That is the main goal of the shaman here, he’s here just to guide you and support the people to go through their intense emotional experience in a safe place and secure one. The “Tingunas” geometric patterns around the shaman are just the vibration and a power protection for all the spirits that are involved here to work and help because the Icaros melodies are calling them… The other snakes are just the empowering of the medicine for the shaman… Magic serpent is just a master piece and show the power of those geometric pattern from the Ayahuasca medicine.

All reproduction are printed on high quality canvas and will be sent by the artist himself from Lima, worldwide shipping cost are included inside the price.