This is a vision where a Muraya shaman ( A Muraya shaman is one of the best skills level in shamanic comprehension) invokes the powerful healing  power of Ayahuasca. He is singing an ikaros of an enlightened queen who comes to see and behind her, here is the jaguar as a guardian entity. Above the shaman a portal is open that seems like a mandala from there you get all that sublime energy to purify the soul of those who need to heal themselves … Further down on the left is the patient singing an ikaros and inviting the medicine to enter in his body and  shows him the power of the medicine through the snakes that rise and fall. A owl eyes to show the deep knowledge of the shaman and the internal pattern of the body molecules .

All reproduction are printed on high quality canvas and will be sent by the artist himself from Lima, worldwide shipping cost are included inside the price.