SHIPIBO “ Learning through the light “.   

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This documentary aims is to give back the speech to first people of Peru and to present their culture, their ancestral medicine; the Shipibo-Conibo.

A 47-minute documentary translated in English by Wexa Metsa.

With interviews by Maestro “Ricardo Amaringo”.

Visionary Art with the works of two world-renowned painters such as “Anderson Debernardi” and “Juan Carlos Taminchi”.

From the “Icaros” (ancestral shamanic songs) of the great Maestra “Olivia Arevalo” her son “Julian” and also “Ricardo Amaringo”.

It was a real challenge to be able to offer you these translations of Icaros because Olivia and Julian Arevalo practice a very old Shipibo, we needed 5 years to make these translations which we hope will be most useful for you and the most accurate to understand their ancestral culture !!!

The Shipibo-Conibo are an indigenous people of Amazonia living in the Ucayali Region of Peru. Composed of 20,178 individuals, they represent 8.42% of the indigenous population identified in the country.

Their shamans use the world of “master plants” or “plants of power” to heal their people. Over the centuries, they have acquired a wealth of knowledge and wisdom about the world of plants, fauna and flora living in their primary forests. They use among others “the Ayahuasca” to travel in the world of the invisible. The shaman is the guide: he directs, cleans and protects the ceremony in order to find answers to the various traumas encountered by the people he will treat during these ceremonies.

The term Ayahuasca comes from Quechua and is formed by the agglutination of Aya and Huaska. It is usually translated by vine spirits, vine of dead or vine of souls.

During this initiatory and shamanic journey, there are important steps to take account of, if you want to be able to enjoy the benefits of this extraordinary experience. It is important even vital to prepare for such an experience. This documentary will hopefully give you some keys to better understand their rites such as “diets” as well as work with the world of plants. These are the plants that will cure you, either by absorption or baths, isolation is also a preponderant phase for good work and dialogue with the world of plants. Ayahuasca, despite all that we can hear, is only a vehicle for the shaman to guide us and better understand the traumas of his patient. The actual care is done without Ayahuasca, some shaman like “Olivia Arevalo” was the holder of ancestral knowledge in a very traditional way, for her, care was done almost solely through isolation in the forest and with the help of some specific diets of plants. We Westerners love the thrills and have somehow contributed to some drifts currently known in the Amazon when practicing these ceremonies always asking for higher doses in search of psychedelic visions.

This is an introduction to what you will find in this documentary that aims once again without pretension and in a simple way is to give back the speech to the native people about their own medicine by restoring, we hope some truth about what is their ancestral culture, visionary art and the world of plants !!!


Interview from Ricardo Amaringo.                                                              Icaros with Olivia Arevalo_Julian Arevalo_Ricardo Amaringo.        Visionary Art from Anderson Debernardi_Juan Carlos Taminchi .    Shipibo Translation by Wexa Metsa.                                                      Animated painting from Juan Carlos Taminchi realised by Sue Nihue.  Visionary Art Kaleidoscopik & 3D Animated painting of Anderson Debernardi realised by Daniel Rosado.                                      Green Matter visual by Morgan Mollardow & Alex Seurot & Nicolas Theret & Pauline Drouet.                                                                Translation by Alban Nourry, Teddy Ros, Celine, Daniela, Bruno Quast, Albert Sultanov.                                                                       

Video Edition by Tachyon.                                                                                Studio ByPass Sound Lyon.


Special thanks to :

Zero Deforastation – Art sacre – Symbolika – Sue Nihue – Centro Nihue Rao.         

Many thanks to Maestro Ricardo Amaringo, Julian Arevalo, Marcelo Alvarez, Joe Tafur, Cvita Mamic, Soi Behua, Sankan Usna.

Centro de Espiritu de Anaconda special thanks To Guillermot Arevalo.

Jean Michel Gassend @ Onanyati. 

Jean Patrick @ Arutam.

Jan Kounen for his work and inspiration.

Alban Nourry, Teddy Ros, Benoit Allouche, Virginie Guittard, Ilja Dvornikovs, Sue Nihue, Chris Kilham, Angelitos group, Ursula Jaworski, Fred le Comterrant, Axel Lecourt, Sylvain Blérol, Fredy Berthonneau, Phyl & Véro, Metsa Oka, Celine, Maya Zen, Mindy Ouellet, James Dickson, Olivier Bagard, Jl Briançon,                    Electrik Dream Team PT.

Region Auvergne Rhones-Alpes for its great support …

And the magical world of spirits and plants …

This movie is dedicated to the grande Maestra Olivia Arevalo.

Distributed by Shamanic – Dream.

(w) & (p) by Electrik – Dream 2018.




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    • taj-edit says:

      Hello Fatima.
      Well usually to start learning Icaros you need to find a Maestro(a). Then they will teach you after doing some learning dieting processing with them.
      If you didnn’t watch yet our documentary. Shipibo “learning through the light” i invite you to watch it Ricardo is explaining the diet and learning process of the medicine inside.
      Have a good day.

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