The Shipibo-conibo people form a community of more than 20,000 people, making this indigenous population the second largest in Peru. Known mainly for their traditional and ancestral medicine, the Shipibo-conibo and their culture are the subject of much debate and arouse the curiosity of Westerners. Using very old techniques, they are closely related to nature and the Amazon rainforest. Shamanism and the world of the invisible (spirits) are part of their universe. They use the world of plants such as Ayahuasca or Chacruna during ceremonies to reconnect with the spirit and the sacred world in order to heal themselves. In addition, the creation of textiles, crafts, jewellery and visionary art are an integral part of their culture and way of life. The Shipibo-conibo people is a traditional ancestral community, close to nature and the spiritual world. Their history and art make their culture magical and fascinating.


Save the Amazon and their indigenous people.

Support for Shipibo tribe against from Covid 19 & Dengue virus.

Covid crisis is devastating the Shipibo community. 

The quarantine in the Amazon jungle has been extended. Below is the fundraiser they created to help keep their community supplied with food and other essential supplies. Please join us in supporting through donations and sharing their crowd-funder link to help them stay strong and overcome this terrible situation. They are a rare and ancient people and could easily be wiped out by this alien virus. 

Please donate and share this link.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Dear Kushi friends,

The Shipibo people and other Indigenous communities in the Amazon are suffering intensely with poor access to healthcare and medical supplies.

Our Shipibo family in Pucallpa is overwhelmed as many elders are dying, the hospitals are closed, and oxygen tanks are selling for over 1,000 USD – a cost that is especially prohibitive for people already living in poverty who have been without work for several months now (due to quarantine). The Shipibo artisans of the Shipibo village of San Francisco and San Jose have lost their relatives, visionary artists and musicians that been supporting the community and inspiring the young generation.

The family is caring for many sick people in their community still, and are in need of medical supplies – including medicines, sanitizer and medicinal plants for traditional vapour bath treatments.

This is an emergency fundraiser to get them these needed supplies in this time of crisis. This fundraiser will also go toward providing basic essentials and food for community members in need.

Adelina Maldonado Agustin, a Shipibo leader of the women artisans in her village, has been working with these 2 communities of Shipibo families since 2011 and since then has been working to develop a market for their beautiful artwork and traditional embroidery works. Chonon Kate is the daughter of Adelina and they are members of this big Shipibo family.

We recognise that this is a difficult time for many of us, but your generosity of support is very much appreciated.

Thank you !

Kushi Irake !

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