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Maneesh de Moor90hz_Divine_Connection
Maneesh de Moor136.1Hz Sun Salutation
Dear Listener,

Welcome to my world of visionary sound. Sit back, relax, and close your eyes, while listening to these immersive sonic textures, and find out for yourself, what they have to offer to you.

The Golden Ratio
My intention with this record, was to take ‘sound healing’ to the next level. There is some theory behind all this that I won’t go too much into detail with, but long story short, all this that you hear, is played and recorded in what is called ‘Pure Intonation’. Pure Intonation or Just Intonation is a way of dividing the intervals and notes in a scale. The commonly used western tuning system is called ‘equal temperament’. This means that all the notes have equal distances to each other. This makes it easy to play chord progressions or change the fundamental during a piece of music, and has contributed to the magnificent multitude of different styles in our musical cosmos.
However, ‘equal temperament’ does not resonate with the natural harmonics, also called ‘overtones’ that are present in every sound we hear. It is these harmonics that are spaced according the Golden Ratio aka Fibonacci Spiral, hence the name of the album. This means, that almost all the music we are exposed to, is slightly out of tune. Our brain fixes this, we accept the out of tune-ness as a sacrifice for the versatility we get back in musical composition.
I took the challenge and wrote music solely in Pure Intonation.  Every interval you hear, every harmonic, every sound, is perfectly fitting in the spectrum of natural harmonics. In the Golden Ratio. This has an amazingly healing and inspiring effect.
Also, I chose fundamental frequencies that hold certain properties.I enjoyed working with the frequencies 111 Hz (or A in 444), 90 Hz (F# in 426 Hz) and 136.1 Hz (C# in when A=432Hz) These three resonant frequencies have some special properties. For me, 111Hz, I got to know in a session with a great osteopath, who used a tuning fork resonating in 111Hz on my joints, and it felt really good and deep. I dedicate my version of 111Hz to Nature.
I feel this frequency is the one that rejuvenates, supports physical healing, relaxes tensions, good for the body-spirit. Hence I called it 111Hz Breath of Life. I’m closing this track with a field recording of my last journey to Peru where I diet and work with the plants… This singing & kalimba was recorded right in the medicine room, on a lazy afternoon, after a strong night… with the crickets chirping, and the birds birding….
I want to thank my brothers Nick Wallaki (didgeridoo) and Dar Pan (overtones) for their beautiful sonic contribution to this track. To me, 90 Hz has the properties of cosmic alignment, this is the number that has all sacred geometry hidden in its frequency, like the Merkaba shape on the front of this album. 90 Hz has the corners of a square, the circle in it, the triangles, and so on.
I feel this frequency has to do with the balance of the solar system, how all things are balanced with each other and work together as One Godly Structure.
Divine Connection. The falsetto chant I am channeling just came out of nowhere at 5 AM one morning.. I had the music already done, and I woke up with these words in my head and just sang them as they flowed out. What I felt while I chanted these (mostly) Sanskrit words was a true connection with Grace from within…
I am also singing praise to the Frequency itself, to the Big Om, and I am singing ‘Siddhi’ , which means to be empowered… 
Through Sadhana, through spiritual practice… Om Siddhi-hum Rama Om. It has been said that 136.1Hz or C# in 432Hz is the ultimate frequency to chant Om in, maybe that is the reason a lot of classical Indian music is played in this key?
This track has the ‘Shanti Mantra’ in it… Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu…. लोकः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु A perfect mantra to close your yoga practice or classes with.
Feel for Yourself what is Real. Do not take my word for it, try these sounds, and see what they mean for yourself. You can meditate with this music, use it for healing sessions, all things sacred, all things shamanic, whole worlds can be opened with these pure frequencies and strong intent intonations. Use it for yoga and breath work and for dreaming. For birthing and creating.
Please leave a comment with the album page if it helped you and tell the world what this music does for you, I am very curious about that.  And I am grateful, grateful for the gift of music, for the Creator, and grateful for YOU! Thank you for supporting me. Aho… 


Maneesh plays: Vocals & vocal sounds, flutes, vintage synthesizers & effects, bells & bowls, crystal glasses, harmonium, xylophone, tubular bells, kalimba, mini-handpan, field recordings.

This album contains NO digital sounds, or samples, only handmade, real, recorded things.

Dar Pan: Overtone on 111Hz Breath of Life @

Nick Wallaki: Didgeridoo on 111Hz Breath of Life

Art design by Shane Beresford @

Mastering by Streaky @

Release date: 12th July 2020


Kindly understand: Do not sample or remix any of my sounds without written permission. _/_ Appreciating the respect.



Golden Ratio By Maneesh de Moor 

Full Digital Album


01 – Maneesh de Moor – 111hz Breath of Life – 19 min 22

02 – Maneesh de Moor – 90hz Divine Connection – 18 min 20

03 – Maneesh de Moor – 136.1Hz Sun Salutation – 23 min 36


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