This is a vision inspired by the strength and the beautiful beauty of the datura or brugmansias, in Shipibo is named is Toe. Considered as a strong entheogenic plant for ancient use and very powerfull, even dangerous one if you don’t know ho to use it.

Thanks to her action and its own active component of scopolamine. Those visionary force is the action of a feminine strength. It is much more powerfull to prepare Ayahuasca combined with Datura. y

You ll enter into another dimension much more powerful and very dangerous path if the dose and not well cared, if not taken into account the right preparation, one can even fall into a coma or even death.

Datura love is a demonstration of the plant and its guardian who is a beautiful woman …. The action here take place and shows the Ayahuasca and Datura both working with the shaman and his patient … Ayahuasca energy with all  the Snakes does a cleaning process and their eyes that appear everywhere shows us how the nature always watches over us and takes well care of us … it is an eternal integration between medicine and human plants.

All reproduction are printed on high quality canvas and will be sent by the artist himself from Lima, worldwide shipping cost are included inside the price.