Onanyati Association is an Artistic project developping Exhibition of Visionary Art and Environment protection from Amazonia.

The association is based in Paris and lead by Jean Michel Gassend whom devoted is spare time for supporting a sub culture and a cause not known in Europe for the moment.

Onyanati KREW

This work has been done by artists from all the Peruvian’s Amazonia even if most of the artists come from the Ucayali (Pucallpa ).

Some of them learned from Pablo Amaringo’s Usko Ayar school.

Our french Association for Art and Environement Protection has been chosen to help them in preserving our culture and forest, and to provide food.

We are working with shamans from small villages who explains children’s schools: reasons and how to reforest.

Inspiration comes from the legends of Amazonia and visions from traditionals plants.
Materials come from the river: floating trees and abandoned roots. Paintings from Europe (more resistant).

Actually the sculptures are in France and Europe where we have find nices places for exhibitions (museum, festivals, city halls and galeries.)


This is a fair-trade project. When they sell a sculpture, 40% of the profit is going back to the artists, 40% to reforestation or protection of the forest and native culture & 20% for other causes.

No one is paid for his work in the association, except artists in Perou.

If the tradition of sculpture is new in Amazonia (Augustin Rivas, Hurtado and other metis ) the necessity of traditional preservation brings the artists in this way.

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Check out the gallerie of Onanyati scuplture.

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